Lorraine C.

First of all I had no little clue about refinishing service until last year. I was looking for remodeling my mother’s old bathroom but it was way too expensive. Then I saw Mr. Tony’s add on a website and called him for information. He explained the entire process thoroughly which was very informative. The price was not even comparable to remodeling. And the idea of not having your bathroom replaced was a piece of mind since I have to work full-time and cannot deal with all that in her house. Due to lack of time, I did not shop much but the price Mr. Tony gave me seemed pretty reasonable. He was very professional that he showed up on time every day with a professional attitude. It was important since my mom was at home with a stranger. Although it took a little longer than what we expected to finish the job, they did a very good job and did it right. That old bathroom turned into a brand new construction in a couple days with no cleaning after. We now own a new house ourselves and do not need such a service YET but I would definitely recommend this type of remodeling since it is cheaper and faster which is crucial for people like us.  Mr. Tony and his team are very reliable. It was always easy to reach him.  Although we changed our minds on floor tile colors MULTIPLE times, he was okay with that and helped us as much as he could.  Thank you!!