Commercial Projects

Professional Surface Restorations-Your Hotel Refinishing Specialists

At PSR, we specialize in small and large scale bathtub refinishing projects for hotels.  However, we also service many apartment complexes, property management companies, realtors, and general contractors/remodelers.  Our fast turnaround time, professional customer service with your tenants, and durable surfaces make us the ideal choice for your multi-unit projects.  Resurfacing is ideal for guest/tenant retention and a faster turnaround for your units.  Having an expert doing your project right the first time will save you money from having to strip a failing topcoat and avoid maintenance calls for plugged drains or unsightly bathtubs.

We offer wholesale services to help you get your property in top shape.

  • Commercial accounts want to ensure their properties maintain a pristine appearance to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Does your property need a competitive advantage?  Our refinishing services can help you get the advantage you are looking for.

We support the needs of your commercial property with services that could help you increase your room rates and rent.

We understand that commercial accounts have specific needs and concerns when initiating a project, particularly regarding the time required and the impact on space during high-occupancy periods.  For that reason, you can expect us to be flexible with our scheduling.

Tired of waiting for your refinisher?

Short scheduling windows allow us to get your units done on time and under budget.

  • High Quality Control and Consistency
  • On time and Reliable Service
  • Short Scheduling Windows
  • General Liability and Worker’s Compensation


  • Work expertly around your property’s constraints and nuances.
  • Accommodate your time-table and occupancy patterns.
  • Offer ideas and solutions for renewing or updating bathrooms.
  • Ready for use after 24 hours.
  • Prospective tenants notice a bath area that looks new and has been updated.
  • No mess left behind.
  • Competitive commercial pricing plan.

Refinishing your bathtub is the most cost-effective way to upgrade your community, without the messy and expensive construction process which is always associated with any professional repairs.  Furthermore, the refinishing process will save you time and allow you to put your room or rental property on the market sooner.

We help give hotel managers, remodeling companies, and property managers a competitive edge by providing bathrooms that show like new.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer competitive commercial rates while never compromising on the high quality workmanship that our clients have come to expect of us.

Affordable Prices + Excellent Service + Professional Craftsmanship = Our Formula to Success.

If you are a property manager or remodeler, contact us today!