Does your bathtub refinisher use a fume exhauster?

Most people are aware that there are certain tools that are critical for each specific type of trade. Would a fireman use a squirt gun to fight a fire? Would a surgeon use a butter knife to operate? These answers are clear, but when it comes to bathtub refinishing it may not be so obvious since many people are unfamiliar with this type of trade.
Fume exhausters are essential for bathtub refinishers to reduce odor in the work area, achieve a high gloss finish on the bathtub, reduce chronic health concerns for the refinishing technician, and more importantly to prevent explosions. Yes, explosions! A bathtub refinisher found this out the hard way last summer in San Diego, CA when they either did not have a fume exhauster or failed to use one (please see attached article below).
Whether you are a home owner, an apartment property manager, or general manager of a hotel; ask your refinisher if he/she uses a fume exhauster. If they have not invested the $200 to purchase one for their business, then it is also likely that they cut corners in their preparation, do not adhere to safety standards, or do not have adequate general liability or worker’s compensation insurance either. Be wary of refinishers that seem to offer “savings” with their low prices because it may cost you much more, including personal injury or property damage. Furthermore, if a ventilation system is not used when a previously refinished bathtub is being stripped of a failing topcoat, it greatly increases the chances of death due inhalation/absorption of toxic fumes (methylene chloride) for the technician and for those inhabiting the area. To quote the Center for Disease control, “If methylene chloride is used, ensure that the room is adequately ventilated during the entire refinishing process. Bathroom fans or open windows do NOT provide adequate ventilation.”
At PSR, we use an industrial strength 12 inch portable ventilator fan that can move nearly 3,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air which virtually eliminates the odor produced during the refinishing process and the chance of any explosion occurring. Safety is a top priority at PSR, please do your part to help protect your family, tenants, and property and hire a refinisher that uses the proper refinishing equipment.